Celine and Julie
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Photo Bob McMillan/FEMA
"Of all the islands he’d visited, two stood out. The island of the past, he said, where the only time was past time and the inhabitants were bored and more or less happy, but where the weight of illusion was so great that the island sank a little deeper into the river every day. And the island of the future, where the only time was the future, and the inhabitants were planners and strivers, such strivers, said Ulises, that they were likely to end up devouring one another."

Roberto BolañoThe Savage Detectives

The New World shopping mall
 Tal Shochat—Afarsek (Peach)
TOTAL ABUSE | Prison Sweat
Sascha Schneider
Marlene Dumas - The Face of the Painter, 1987
video still by artist Geir Tore Holm
#geir tore holm #video art, #seal
Jim Jarmusch—Down by Law (1986) 

I scream-a, you scream-a, we all scream-a for ice cream-a!
Gustave Doré—The Monkey and the Dolphin. (1867)