Celine and Julie
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Pedro Almodovar rockeando los 80’s
Here is a story of a man. Carrier Pigeons and cigars (or not). Flew from Key West to Cuba carrying cigars (or not). Great exhibits at 21 c.
phyllis stalnaker.  weedhead, tramp.
Drive-In Movie, Broward County, 2012
Mark Power
Joe Johnson
Lemon trees by the sea, Capri Italy. 
Struggling camels silhouetted against the oil-fire, al-Ahmadi oil field, Kuwait, 1991
‘The darkness caused by the burning oil wells was like a moonless night. The exposure on my camera was about a quarter of a second on f2.8.’ The photographs show a scorched, infernal place, ‘but they don’t convey the fine mist of oil that hung in the air and coated my cameras, or the deafening roar of the burning wells. Nor do they show the unexploded bombs and mines that dotted the desert. I’ll never forget the moment I got out of the car to stretch my legs and caught a glimpse of an allied lawn-dart mine behind the vehicle with our tire tracks running right over it!’
- Steve McCurry