Celine and Julie
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The high plains of Oregon.
Cacti painting by Laura Garcia Serventi.
The Long Goodbye (1973, Robert Altman) 
Formed when lightning strikes sand.
fernand leger - costume design “la creation du monde” (1923)
"Where does a thought go when it’s forgotten?"

Sigmund Freud (via heteroglossia)

(Source: timeimmemorial, via heteroglossia)

Siège poème, à Créteil (Maison de la culture), Feb 1975 
"Gillette chair” Luc Dailledouze
Papilio paradoxa (swallowtail butterflies) by William Chapman Hewitson. Based on the specimens of Alfred Russel Wallace.
A young woman, her head covered by a scarf, smokes marijuana in a corner of a Tehran park that is safely hidden from the public
Geography of Tropical Plants, Friedrich von Humboldt.

Angus Fairhurst - Over Mont Blanc, All Evidence of Man Removed, 1993